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I remember searching for a dentist near me when I was first out on my own after college. It wasn’t easy trying to decide what dentist to trust with my teeth (and money). After a number of surgeries, chipped teeth, and frequent visits with the family I can happily say that I have found a wonderful dentist. But that wasn’t always the case.

Finding the best dentist in your area might be a challenge, but hopefully we can help.

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Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions with trying to find the best dentist in your area.

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Different types of dentists and dentistry

Dentists Near Me

Dentists Near Me

There are many different types of dentists, and dentistry itself is a very wide-ranging practice.

Paediatric Dentistry

Also known as a child dentist, finding a dentist that specializes in paediatrics was one of the best decision I ever made. You can read more about how I chose paediatric dentists near me (and how you can choose one as well) right here.

Emergency Dentists

Fortunately, I have only ever had to quickly locate an emergency dentist near me, and this was on a Sunday afternoon after I was playing basketball most of the morning. I ended up chipping off most of my front tooth and the pain was unbearable. Fortunately, I was able to find a dentist that was open on the weekend and got in to see them on a Sunday evening.

This is a high-demand practise and finding a good emergency dentist might be a challenge, or just quite expensive. Click here to view more info about emergency dentistry and to find out in your area.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of dentistry where the procedures are not required for health, rather, they are for cosmetic reasons. While some people include braces in this category – we’ll discuss that a bit later in Orthodontics. Cosmetic dentistry is more aligned with whitening and other procedures that do not help the health of your teeth.

Sedation Dentists

According to there are an estimated 30-40 million people who avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety or fear. This is a real thing and a real problem. While it is not always possible to get sedated for every visit, there are many dentists out there who specialize in sedation during their procedures. Click here to view more sedation dentists in your area.

Orthodontists and dental surgeons

Orthodontists is a speciality field of dentistry that deals with the prevention of mal-positioned teeth and jaws. These are the dentists who you would consult with if you required dentists. Click here for more information on orthodontics and finding an orthodontist in your area.

How much does it cost to visit a dentist?

A visit to the dentist can range in price widely depending on what you are going in for. If you are simply going in for a cleaning it could range anywhere from $100 to $200. A tip on getting a cheaper visit to the dentist is to request that you only see a hygienist during your visit and not the doctor. There is no reason for the dentist to need to see you during a routine cleaning if you do not want to, as the hygienist is trained in everything required.

If you are going to the dentist for a filling the cost will certainly increase. While it will depend on what you get done and how much filling was needed, expect to pay $200-300 between the time and the filling on top of the cleaning cost. It’s possible to find a cheap dentist near me that might be on the lower end of this.

Does my insurance cover a dentist visit?

Most insurance plans cover basic dentistry – including fillings and cleanings. If you are looking at getting more specialized services from your dentist then you may want to make sure to call your insurance provider before getting them done.

Insurance plans typically cover anywhere between 50% and 100% of the service, while some will also have a deductible for the year. This means that you may be required to pay some of the service while the insurance company will pay the rest.

Dentists Near My Location
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