Personal Trainer Near Me

Personal Trainer Near Me

Finding a good personal trainer can really make or break your exercise and weight loss efforts. With new years quickly approaching and resolutions soon to be flooding social media, now is the time to find a good personal trainer near me – before they are all booked for the season.

Personal Trainers near me – use the map

Use the Google Map here to find some of the best personal trainers in your area. You’ll be able to call and chat with them, view their website and reviews, and see their schedule to understand if their timing works for you.

Different types of personal trainers

It is important to understand that like anything, personal trainers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Not all personal trainers are going to be able to really help you lose weight. Some will focus more on building muscle, body transformations, while others can focus on sport-specific training.

Understanding your goals will help you choose the best personal trainer. Here are the three most common types of personal trainers that you will find in your area:

1. The Weight Loss Personal Trainer

These personal trainers often have a background in weight loss and nutrition. They focus on helping their clients lose weight in a health and sustainable way. More and more they act as an accountability partner in addition to a personal trainer.

These trainers often give you both an exercise and nutrition plan for optimal results.

2. The Strengh-Based Personal Trainer

If you are focusing more on building muscle and strength then you need to look for a personal trainer with that sort of background. Read the profile to make sure you are choosing one who is comfortable with all the power lifts and really understands how to build the strength and muscle you need.

3. The Sports-Specific Personal Trainer

If you are training for a race, or want extra training for your sports team then you may want to look for a personal trainer that has a sports background. A kinesology degree or other sport-specific education will be a big asset in a personal trainer like this.

Personal trainer near me

Personal trainer near me

Where to find a Personal Trainer Near Me

There are two main locations you can find a personal trainer to help with your health and fitness goals.

Gym-based personal trainers

Gym-based personal trainers are those that work specifically for one gym. They are usually not allowed to take on clients outside of that gym and only serve the members of the club.

These can be good options for those who are already members of a gym, however, if you’re looking to hire a personal trainer without having to join a gym then these won’t be the best option for you.

Independent personal trainers

Independent personal trainers with their own location and gyms often offer much better programs and variety. However, they also come with a high price tag – usually because they have more overhead.

Mobile personal trainers

With the increasing age of the population and more and more baby boomers starting to retire and hire personal trainers, there has been an increase in the number of personal trainers who will actually travel to you.

Finding a personal trainer near me that is willing to travel could be the best option for those with limited mobiliy or for those that live busy lives out of the house.

Questions to ask your personal trainer

It’s important to get to know your personal trainer before hiring them for their services. Here are a few questions you can ask them in order to get to know them a little better.

Tell me about your background – why did you become a personal trainer?

Many personal trainers didn’t start out their career path that way and rather took a turn into the industry after overcoming their own health and fitness obstacles. Understanding the background of your personal trainer can give you insights into what they might specialize in and whether or not they can relate to your specific situation.

What is your education in the industry?

Personal trainers only need about 2 weekends of classroom time and one or two days of in-the-gym time before they can become a ceritified personal trainer. This isn’t a lot when you consider their involvment on your health and fitness.

Asking what sort of education and experience they have can help save you a lot of headaches with working with an uneducated or inexperienced trainer.

Do you offer group and one-on-one classes?

Personally, I love group classes as that’s what helps me stay motivated and accountable in the gym setting. Many outside personal trainers run their own bootcamps which can have a similar impact. Understanding how these trainers run their business will help you make the proper decision when choosing a trainer.

Personal Training Resources

If you’re looking for more information on personal training and/or the health and fitness industry here are some great resources:

Lifestyle Accountability – a podcast interview series chatting with many different personal trainers.

IdeaFit – an association of fitness professionals.

Personal Trainer on Wikipedia

Hopefully this helps you find the best personal trainer near me.

Personal Trainer Near Me
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