Photographers Near Me

Photographers Near Me

Did you ever want that perfect picture? Well you can have it with the help of o professional photographer. There are always photographers near by to help those of us who are either too busy or keep taking blurry pictures when it is a critical moment in time. Weddings, parties, and other social events need to be preserved forever and the best assurance is with the help of photographers near me.

Find Photographers Near Me Using A Map

You can usually find lots of photographers in an area near you. Check the map for the closest one. Local photographers know their area and can provide the perfect backdrop for your next special event.

I know more photos are taken with an iPhone than any other type of camera, however many of those pictures are often of events and parties best kept a secret. Many of my phone pictures are blurry because of poor lighting or I was in a hurry and the picture was out of focus. I often wished I called a photographer.

Cost of Hiring a Photographersphotographers near me

Many people think it is too expensive to hire a professional photographer because of the hourly rate they charge, in order to get a quality picture, you have to have quality gear. The pros have just that. When you hire a professional photographer you get his or her equipment as well. They know how and when to take the best shots. Their rates may be higher than you expect but compare the costs:

To hire a professional, you pay between $500 – $1000 for a wedding and you are guaranteed an excellent product. If you want to take these same pictures yourself, you first must purchase the proper equipment and then find out how to operate it. The cost of the basic cameras for wedding photos can range from $1,500 and up and that does not include a good lens. A new Canon EOS 80D DSLR camera with an 18-135 IS lens goes for around $2,100 at So you must decide between hiring someone with experience in professional photo shoots and a friend who takes pictures a few times a year and has a basic camera.

Special Events

You should call a photographer when you are having or hosting a special event. Many such occasions include, weddings, concerts, proms, holiday events just to name a few. The pros know how to capture these special times with the perfect picture. It could be a silhouette, close-up, a happy couple holding hands while walking into the sunset. You do not want to take a chance with a friend who claims to be a great photographer and then when they mess up, you have lost a friend forever.

Types and Brands of Cameras

There are many different cameras used for many different occasions. It’s important to know what you’re looking for as each brand has their own specialty. More importantly the look and feel is crucial, so if you have time get into a store and actually pick one up and hold it as well as look at what sort of accessory equipment is available. Here are some of the more popular DLSR ones.

As far as digital cameras go there are many brads to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Sony
  • Fujifilm
  • Olympus
  • Lumix
  • Samsung
  • Pentax
  • Philips
  • Kodak
Photographers Near Me
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