Best Propane Refill Near Guelph Ontario

Best Propane Refill Near Guelph Ontario

It’s not uncommon that so many of us don’t even think about a Propane Refill Near Me until we run out! A quick word of advice, even though it might have a bit more of an upfront cost (and you’ll need to store it), is to purchase a backup tank. Then if you run out while the grill is hot you can swap it out and get the fire burning again quickly. Then just make sure you fill up the first tank again as soon as you can to keep it as the next backup. That way you’re never stuck!

How Am I Charged For A Propane Refill?

There are two very common options for a refill in terms of what it will cost you.

Flat Rate: This is when no matter how full your tank is you will pay the same amount anytime you want a store to top it up. If you let your tank run empty this is often the best option in terms of value. If you’re being proactive and refilling it before it’s empty there’s a chance it’s not as low as you thought and you’re paying a high fixed fee to top up not much gas.

Variable Rate: This depends on the cost of the propane and how much you need. If you’re worried you have at least a half tank left, then it might not cost you that much. Places are getting out of variable pricing for propane and moving towards refill charges.

Replacement Costs: This is more common at your local convenience store. You’ll ofte need to “purchase” a propane rank with a large deposit. Then you can bring it in and exchange the old tank for a new one for a replacement cost. If you then decide you don’t want the tank anymore you can sometimes get the deposit back, but oddly enough not always. This was more common many years ago but is slowly being faced out as refill costs are declining relative to replacement costs.

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