Universities Near Me

Universities Near Me

If you’re looking for Universities Near Me the chances are likely that you are not American? Most Americans actually refer to universities as Colleges (because that’s what they are around most of the country) and there are different levels of colleges as well. There are a few universities, such as those found in the Ivy League.

I Want To Find Universities Near Me

I’m on tour looking at universities and want to see if there are others around I might have missed! I’m falling in love with a new city and want to know where the closest and best universities can be found! If this sounds like you or you’re just looking for universities nearby for a completely different reason then check out the map we’ve added to this page. You’ll be able to pinpoint all the great universities around your area.

universities near me

Universities Near Me

University Undergraduate Degrees

Business: It is interesting to note the few different types of businesses out there. The most common business degree is the Bachelor of Business Administration that has a number of major options with it such as accounting or marketing. Some schools refer to this as a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with very similar major options. Most programs follow a very similar structure with some universities being known for a certain discipline such as finance or Management Information Systems. Then there’s a Bachelor of Management, less common but typically where you’ll find government and not for profit education. Business can be a great option leading up to law school, although arts is also common.

Science: Talk about an all encompassing degree! This is where you will find a massive amount of specialties. From the standard biology, chemistry and physics to neuroscience to marine biology to biochemistry. There is also the social sciences such as psychology and sociology. Even geology and natural disasters are just the service of the variety of science degrees one can take at university. Typically a biology focused degree is a common path to a Medical Degree in a professional program.

Arts: Another all encompassing degree. Some sciences such as psychology can take an arts perspective. Here you will find all of the languages, histories, journalism and so much more. From visual to auditory to written art, there are so many options when you’re within the art department. Typically art courses are cheaper than sciences as well.

Engineering: A challenging but common degree, you can get right into engineering from high school. There are a number of paths to take as an engineer from mechanical to civil to electrical to software. The options are vast in terms of specializations and skill sets.

Kinesiology: Not the degree most people even know about when they graduate high school (and some have it as a major under arts surprisingly), but the path for most chiropractors and physiotherapists. Also another option to lead up to Med School. Fewer specializations compared to the more common degrees but definitely a variety of very specific disciplines.

Community Design: Another less common degree but the path to take if looking to get into Architecture. The focus is on building design, community design and anything that encompasses design into the daily life.

Many Others: Not that there aren’t more degrees worth mentioning, it’s just that the above are the most common by far around North America, especially since they are more “departments” than specialties.

University Culture

When looking for universities near me, remember that most universities receive a lot of bad publicity throughout the years. More often than not it is due to violence, abuse or sexual assault. You can’t always blame the university as a whole when this happens. You need to dive deeper into the small ecosystems that make up the school. A lot of times people within one degree or program have an entirely different culture than others. Think of business versus arts versus law. It’s all either a little or a lot different. That being said there are some schools that start a certain culture off on Frosh Week to all disciplines. This makes first year students susceptible to a lot of issues. Not to mention being out on your own (most often for the first time) can be confusing to a lot of people and it a big chance to find and discover your true self.

Famous Universities

It’s hard to argue that the Ivy League consists of the most famous universities around the world. Not to mention the most expensive! There are a number of others as well as the Ivy League that are worth mentioning below in this list.

While these are the academically famous universities there are many others that are very well known for their sport teams.